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Dance With Dirt consists of four fearless boys from the Danish countryside, who dare join the alignment of rock legacy. The reason for this is simple: Rock music really can – more than anything – provide good times and the feeling of unity. And in their version it must be played BY humans, FOR humans. Without any bullshit.

Rock’n roll is alive, and with Dance With Dirt it has got one its most powerful energy injections in a very long time. The northern Jutlanders gladly take it on their shoulders to continue the traditions of ancestors Led Zeppelin and The Who, uncles Nirvana and Guns ‘N’ Roses, and big brothers Muse and Foo Fighters. Dance With Dirt write contemporary songs about parties, girls and the longing for something else – because when things get too sluggish, too boring, or too introvert – it is rock that sets you free. This is something all four band members have experienced through life.

- Where I come from, there are fields everywhere. And if you don’t listen to loud music and drink beer – nothing ever happens, tells lead singer and guitarist Magnus Jacobsen.

His refuge was to crawl onto the roof of his barn, and lie down with D-A-D’s live album ‘Reconstrucdead’ in his ears and think: ‘This is what I am going to do’. Meanwhile, in another part of the Danish outskirts, guitarist Kristoffer Veirum nearly failed his Latin exam, only because he had spent his whole reading vacation listening to Manic Street Preachers.

- And I remember how chocking it was as a 14-year old kid to listen to ‘Nevermind’ for the very first time, says drummer Jess Gertsen.

The formation of the band is like the verse of a rock bible. Kristoffer and bassist Jonathan Lyby had been playing through a wide series of band constellations in Aalborg, without the wanted effect. And then, on the very same day, Magnus and Jess – not knowing each other at the time – entered the rehearsal room to try out for the band. Magnus sang through a small guitar amplifier, so it was impossible to hear if he was any good, but the energy and the amount of sweat he put into it was enough to convince the rest of the band. That exact spontaneity has been a great influence on the band ever since.

- It is the moment that inspires us. It can be a riff, a beat or a phrase, but there is always a spark, which kind of possesses us to keep blowing at it and bring it to life. Most of our songs are made on the spot, when we are together, concludes Jonathan Lyby.

The same idea of ‘now’ plays a very central part in the band’s live performance too. They generate a sincere and heartfelt rochshow, and the reason for that is simply that the energy comes from real people who work their asses off on their instruments – and everybody is invited. And if Dance With Dirt succeed in making you forget about your boss, your homework or your angry girl/boyfriend – if only for a moment – the four band members can happily exit the stage. Beneath it all lies an ambition, which is both heavenly striving but utterly sincere:

- Ideally we want to be our own favourite band, Kristoffer Veirum finishes.

Dance With Dirt is: Kristoffer Veirum (guitar), Jess Mørch Gertsen (drums), Jonathan Lyby (bass) and Magnus Jacobsen (vocals and guitar).

2010 - Dance With Dirt is demo of the month in Gaffa, August.
2012 - Dance With Dirt wins the danish talent prize, KarriereKanonen, on national youth radio P3.
2012 - Dance With Dirt plays SPOT festival, Smukfest (Skanderborg Festival), and Ofelia Beach.
2013 - Dance With Dirt release the debut album "We Are Dance With Dirt" on Target Distribution in DK (feb. 18th), and on Pop-Up Records in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (feb. 22nd).

Feel free to get in touch with us, if you want to book us for a show, if you need press material - or maybe just to talk about rock'n'roll.

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